Ethically -Sourced

and Formulated with your environmental concerns in mind. 

Our body butters are lovingly hand-made with organic shea butter sourced in Nigeria. Each jar is loaded with skin-replenishing oils, butters and and rejuvenating properties.


About Mrs. 82

Mrs. 82 Company specializes in organic body care products. 

We are a brand originated from one woman's vision to create a company, that would meet and serve the needs of her children's sensitive skin. In that search, Mrs. 82 was born and we have never looked back. We understand what you are looking for in natural skincare, and strive to provide the best to make our clients happy.  In a market saturated with products that have all sorts of chemicals and harsh toxins, we pride ourselves in creating products with all natural & organic ingredients. Our line of products are fantastic quality and will only leave you coming back for more. 


Our Mission

To be a force of empowerment for women, by endowing them with the resources and tools needed to acquire skills that support day to day life. Through the jobs provided to the women who work on our Shea butter farms in Nigeria. we are providing jobs, that in turn are providing a source of income for these women and their families.