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Our Story

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About Mrs. 82

Mrs. 82 Company specializes in organic body care products. 

Mrs 82 originated from one woman's vision to create a brand, that would meet and serve the needs of her children's sensitive skin. In a market saturated with products that have all sorts of chemicals and harsh toxins, creating products with all natural & organic ingredients was very important. In that search, the company was born.

We specialize in organic body care products created for those conscious of what they put on their skin. We understand what our consumer is looking for in a quality brand, and strive to provide nothing but the best.

We responsibly and ethically source all our raw ingredients. All products are produced and manufactured to standard. We are currently finalizing certifications to further build trust and transparency in who we are as a brand.

Our philosophy is to continue to not just put out a great product, but a product that gives our consumers peace of mind. Peace knowing that their skincare is safe for their families. Even the littlest ones.